Wednesday, August 27, 2014


It has almost been a year since I last updated! One thing is for sure, life is busy! We have had a few changes in our household over the past year. First, we bought a new house!  Our old house was full of a lot of room for us to spread out, however it was also full of stairs. It had four levels which made it difficult for Jacoby to get around and be apart of daily life with his siblings, not to mention how hard it is getting to carry him from floor to floor. Our new house is a ranch style with a finished basement.  This makes it so much easier for Jacoby to be part and only one set of stairs to carry him up and down. The kids spend most of their time upstairs, so Jacoby scoots around to follow them. He is really good at it and can get places pretty quick. Second, Lee is now the head boys basketball coach.  This is a really exciting change for him.  Last year he was part of the high school girls' coaching staff and they took the state tournament. Now he is going for the win as the head coach of the boys.  He also transferred schools this year and is working at the high school. He has really enjoyed the change so far this year.  The last big change for us this year is my change in job title. I left the classroom and am now working as a reading specialist. I am so excited for this change and hoping it will be a little less stressful and make our busy home lives a little easier.

Enough about us and on to Jacoby. He has not had another surgery since my last post. Yay!! I am very hopeful that we are done with surgeries. His year was pretty uneventful as far as medical treatment goes. We did have one scare over the summer in July. Jacoby went from a healthy little boy to a very sick little boy almost over night.  Starting on Friday, June 27th he was running a low fever and didn't sleep well. Saturday, fever was gone, he was a little grouchy, but who isn't after a poor nights sleep. Saturday night, fever was back. Sunday he seemed much better, laughing and back to himself. Monday 
I noticed a little cough, but nothing big. Monday night he didn't sleep, cried a lot and his breathing became labored when he was upset. Tuesday morning his breathing was labored all the time so I took him in to the doctor. His regular doc was out of town so we saw the PA. He was given 2 breathing treatments that did not make improvements at all. We were sent home with a script of the exact same thing they gave us (that didn't work) and told to take him to the ER if he got worse. He got worse. His chest was pulling and he sounded awful. I gave him a treatment of a different medication we had at home from a prior hospital stay and it seemed to help, but only for about 5 minutes. Lee took him in to the ER along with the medication that worked momentarily. They gave him another treatment and did a chest x-ray to check for pneumonia.  Everything was clear, but he was not responding to treatments for long. His heart rate was in the 170's and his oxygen in the 80's. At that time a decision was made to send him to Denver and to get him there as fast as possible.  Lee called and I headed up to the hospital. He ran home and packed me a bag and Jacoby and I were off to Denver via life flight.   I was able to call my roommate from college who is a respiratory therapist at Denver Children's. She happened to be working that night so she met us in the ER.  She is very familiar with Jacoby and was able to talk with the other respiratory therapists who were working in the ER to give them a heads up.  They immediately started in to work on Jacoby. He was started on steroids and eventually moved to the picu (pediatric intensive care). They took fabulous care of him and he made huge improvements quickly. We spent 4 days in the hospital on isolation (very trying with a two year old). He tested positive for 3 different viruses that were highly contagious so we were not allowed out of the room.  Lee came to pick us up when we were finally released to go home. It felt so good to walk out of that hospital and Jacoby got the biggest smile as soon as I opened the door to wheel him out.  

While it was a big scare, it was our only scare this past year. Jacoby continues to be an amazing boy. He lights up my life. As I mentioned before, he scoots every where. Quincy occasionally tries to scoot with him, but Jacoby is way better then him. He can push himself up to a sitting position from the floor and is trying to pull up on things. I believe this is the year, I have high hopes for him that he will learn to walk this year.  We are off to Denver again on September 8th for his oodles of doctors appointments.  On my last post, I mentioned his growth and the growth hormone injections. He had a little spike in his growth, so as of now he is not on injections. One of the appointments we have on the 8th is to see if he has continued this spike or not. If not, he will start back on the injections. :( I am praying this is not the case, although he needs to have a major growth spurt for him to stay off of them. 

Thank you for your continued prayers for Jacoby. He continues to amaze me all the time. 


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